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Root Canal Therapy in Salem, Oregon

Root canals are a misunderstood dental procedure. Most patients fear root canals thinking that they cause pain, where in fact, it relieves pain.

Dr. King recommends root canal therapy when bacteria has extended into the root of your tooth. This bacteria will cause an infection and caused a lot of pain. At King Dental, we will work to relieve this pain by removing the infection, medicating the root to promote healing, and then restore your tooth in strength and function.

Root canal therapy is your best option to curing an infected root. The root can not heal itself, meaning one of two options will need to occur, a root canal procedure or extraction. Extraction is never an easy decision, this will lead to additional problems. Dr. King will almost always recommend root canal therapy as the preferred treatment.

How did bacteria reach the root of my tooth?

Bacteria comes from food debris and naturally occurring plaque. This mixture of bacteria travels using any type of passage it finds. Passages may be created through cavities, which decay has created in your teeth or it may be from cracks or fractures in your tooth. Once bacteria has located passage, it will then find its way into the root of your tooth, infect the tissue inside, and cause your nerves to respond with pain.

What is Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy is the removal of the infection that is present in the root of your tooth. Dr. King will do this by removing the bacteria present. He will remove the infected nerve tissue along with the pulp and root. The pulp and root are no longer needed once your tooth is fully grown. Dr. King will then fill the canal with a medicated rubber material, helping to seal the tooth from future bacterial exposure. This procedure is necessary, but does compromise the strength of your natural tooth. To add strength, Dr. King may recommend a dental crown to encase your tooth, providing it strength and help it to not break. At the end of this, you will be able to resume normal function.

We are happy to answer any questions you have concerning root canal therapy and restoring your teeth.
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