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Partial Dentures in Salem, OR

When missing several teeth, Dr. King may recommend a partial denture. This is a prosthesis that attaches to two healthy teeth, or dental implants, with false teeth between them. This is a much more comfortable option than full dentures, so frequently, if a patient needs a full denture, Dr. King may recommend dental implants that a partial can then be attached to.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures benefit our patients by allowing your mouth to accomplish its natural functions. When patients are missing multiple teeth it gives space to allow your teeth to shift around in your mouth, affecting your bite, jaw alignment, and can cause your jawbone to atrophy. Further, when teeth are missing the bone in the jaw will often start to recede. Bone loss in the jaw can easily lead to very costly issues and even further tooth loss.

Also known as dental bridges, partial dentures are great products because they allow multiple missing teeth in the same arch to be replaced with one appliance. They come in two different varieties – fixed and removable.

Removable partial dentures are held in place with metal clasps that grip two healthy teeth or dental implants.

Permanent partial dentures are cemented into place for a permanent bond, which means that it is non-removable, though the bond may need to be re-cemented at times.

Partial dentures can be designed for the future loss of teeth; this will help reduce future costs. We are happy to discuss all of the alternatives to partial dentures, including bridges, implants, and full dentures.

Fixed Partial Denture Procedure

When placing a fixed partial denture, we will first need to have two solid and healthy teeth one either side of the gap that can act as anchors for the appliance. If one or both sides lack a promising anchor, we can explore the possibility of placing dental implants that can act as anchors.

Once the anchors have been determined we can begin to prepare the teeth to receive the appliance. We prepare the teeth by shaving off some of the enamel so that the appliance will be able to fit over the anchor teeth. Once we have them shaped appropriately we can place a temporary partial denture onto the anchor teeth to act as your teeth in the interim. We will require a few weeks to create your permanent partial denture. When we have your temporary placed, that will conclude your first visit.

While the temporary is in place, we recommend that you do not eat anything excessively hard or chewy as the appliance will only be held in place by temporary dental cement and could come off.

Once we have the final partial denture fully crafted, it will be time to return to our office to remove the temporary and place the permanent. We place the permanent with long lasting dental cement, taking special precautions to have it positioned perfectly in your bite.

If you feel any jaw discomfort after the first week, please call us to schedule an appointment so that we can make sure you are comfortable. Your oral health is our first concern.

For more information on Partial Dentures and how it can help you,
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