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Laser Dentistry in Salem, OR

WaterLase is a virtually painless way to “drill” without drilling.

Do you dread the dentist and the sound of the screeching drill in your ear? Are you terrified of the needle and the puffy face you will leave the office with? These dental fears can be minimized by Dr. King and the WaterLase system at King Dental in Salem, OR.

WaterLase is a dental tool that uses a laser to perform many routine dental procedures. Because of the considerably less invasive process, we frequently are even able to bypass using any anesthetic! Using a combination of water, air and a laser that is safe for human tissue, Dr. King can drill without the use of a traditional dental drill. Furthermore, since the laser continuously sprays water, your tooth stays hydrated, preventing heat and giving you a virtually pain-free experience!


  •  Less invasive than traditional drilling
  •  Significantly less traumatic for the tooth, most patients note zero pain
  •  Many patients can bypass anesthetic
  •  Cuts enamel, without heat or vibration
  •  What we love about WaterLase is how precise the work is! Traditional drills rely on us removing large amounts of the tooth to get the job done, mixed with grinding with can cause cracks and pain.
  •  WaterLase removes very precise amounts of the tooth, and it will not damage or crack your tooth.

After Effects? What After Effects?

Because the WaterLase doesn’t use sharp, pointy, or painful edges and needles, the healing process is often quite fast when compared with traditional methods. You will go home without the need for painkillers, and feeling much better than you might if you had a procedure with traditional methods.

Safe. Proven. Effective.

At King Dental, we only adopt dental technology that has a long-standing track record of being safe and effective in treatments. Even though this might be the first time you have heard about WaterLase, the technology has been used successfully to treat dental patients for many years.

Part of what makes WaterLase so safe and effective is its ability to precisely target the areas we want and leave the surrounding areas completely untouched. Using a dental drill can result in removing too much of the healthy, natural tooth. With WaterLase we can target specific points on your teeth with extremely high accuracy which results in you keeping more of your natural tooth.

Less Bleeding and Swelling

Traditional dental drills cause a tremendous amount of excess heat and vibration that translate into physical trauma for your soft tissues. WaterLase has a pinpoint cutting action that minimizes the surface are being affected by the tool. This results in significantly less bleeding and post-procedure swelling, leaving you to enjoy the comfort of a painless procedure.

Extreme Dental Versatility

The WaterLase replaces a wide variety of dental tools because it has so many beneficial uses. We can use it to replace our dental drill for performing fillings and root canals, and it has a wide variety of soft tissue applications. With WaterLase we pass the savings on to you!

For more information on painless dental work, and how WaterLase can help you, contact our Salem, OR office at 503-588-0061

Dr. King and his team consider treating our patients a special privilege. We value integrity. It is humbling to have the trust our patients place in us and we will always be true to that trust. Many years of combined experience helps us provide you with a comfortable all-around experience, including treatment, scheduling appointments and maximizing your dental benefits.
We strive for technical excellence.