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Fluoride Treatment in Salem, OR

Fluoride is a mineral that naturally supports the enamel of our teeth. Undoubtedly, you have heard the phrase, fluoride treatment, since childhood. The importance of this mineral has been discussed in every dentist related commercial for toothpaste and you have probably been asked about it at every dental cleaning. So, why is fluoride so important for your teeth?

Why is fluoride important for my teeth?

FLUORIDE TREATMENT in Salem, Oregon 97302 with King Dental.Fluoride is a mineral that helps the enamel of our teeth build up strength. The hard outer layer of our teeth is called enamel. It is what gives our teeth the strength they need, enamel allows us to chew and eat our food. Dr. Wendell King, at King Dental, wants your teeth to be solid and strong, and having a strong enamel supports the healthy teeth you want.

Our teeth have a lot of demand placed on them. Our teeth work hard for us multiple times a day. All of our constant biting, tearing, and chewing of foods that contain acid and sugar initiate a process termed demineralization. This is when the hard enamel loses minerals, and therefore weakens in strength. With research, doctors have found that the application of fluoride helps remineralize that hard enamel, making it once again strong. Fluoride helps to rebuild the strength of your teeth. By increasing the strength of your teeth, you are protecting them from decay and future attacks of the acidic and sugary foods we consume.

How is a fluoride treatment done?

At your routine dental exam, Dr. King, will ask you about fluoride in your toothpaste and in in your water supply. If you would like to have a fluoride treatment, we are able to offer a strong dose of fluoride to be used in office, it is not available over the counter. Under Dr. King’s care, he will apply the dosage necessary for each patient.

We are happy to answer your questions on fluoride treatments and caring for your enamel.
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