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Dental Cleaning in Salem, OR

At King Dental, we know that maintaining the health of your teeth is the most important aspect of dentistry. Our entire team is here to educate our patients, maintain a healthy mouth, and when necessary repair your teeth. Scheduling regular dental cleanings can significantly impact your oral health.

Our specially trained dental hygienist is here to both clean and educate patients on the importance of home care. Scheduling dental cleanings twice a year is very important to your dental health. Frequent dental cleanings allows our hygienist to catch developing decay, cavities, any failing restoration work, and indications of gum disease. We want to catch these problems early, doing so can save you time, money and most importantly, pain.

Our dental cleanings include:

  •  a review of your prior dental history
  •  dental x-rays, to look for any hidden problems
  •  check the depth of gum pockets, pockets exceeding 3 mm may indicate gum disease
  •  remove all plaque and hardened calculus or tartar
  •  discuss additional work if necessary, namely a Deep Cleaning known as Scaling and Root Planing
  •  a final floss and rinse followed with polishing to remove surface stains
  •  a fluoride treatment if prescribed by Dr. King

Dental Cleanings are an important aspect of preventive care. We want to see you at least twice a year for a dental cleaning. Contact Wendell King, DMD, at our Salem, OR office for more information. 503-588-0061

Dr. King and his team consider treating our patients a special privilege. We value integrity. It is humbling to have the trust our patients place in us and we will always be true to that trust. Many years of combined experience helps us provide you with a comfortable all-around experience, including treatment, scheduling appointments and maximizing your dental benefits.
We strive for technical excellence.