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Dental Fillings in Salem, OR

At King Dental, fillings are a common dental restoration. The Dental Filling procedure is a simple dental treatment that is used to help preserve a damaged tooth structure, it also helps add strength to the weakened tooth. Dr. King uses two basic materials when placing dental fillings, he may use a silver amalgam or a tooth colored quartz composite.

Composite Fillings

Dental Fillings in Salem, Oregon 97302 with King Dental.Dr. King may decide that Composite is the best option for your restoration. Composite is a tooth colored material that is a mix of quartz or porcelain and resin. In the past it was thought of as a less durable product and only used in front teeth, but advances in composite materials have come a long way. We now happily recommend this product for back teeth where the chewing pressure is high. Many patients prefer this product because it can blend in your mouth, giving a much cleaner look.

Composite material have many benefits including:

  •  we can remove less of the natural tooth than with silver amalgam
  •  it is a less invasive repair
  •  can help stop potential tooth fractures
  •  prevent sensitivities with hot and cold foods

Dr. King will discuss with you which type of filling is appropriate based on where it will be placed, the cost, and your personal preference.

Decay is only one of the reasons you may need a filling. Dr. King also uses composite fillings to make simple repairs, this is known as aesthetic bonding, or composite bonding, this may include:

  •  strengthen teeth that are cracked or broken
  •  repair chips from nail biting or teeth grinding

For more information on dental fillings or aesthetic bonding,
contact our Salem, OR office at: 503-588-0061

Dr. King and his team consider treating our patients a special privilege. We value integrity. It is humbling to have the trust our patients place in us and we will always be true to that trust. Many years of combined experience helps us provide you with a comfortable all-around experience, including treatment, scheduling appointments and maximizing your dental benefits.
We strive for technical excellence.