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Dental Exams in Salem, OR

Dental Exams in Salem, Oregon 97302 with King Dental.At King Dental, we want to see you at least twice a year for a dental exam. Generally part of your dental cleaning, exams help Dr. King spot problems and compare changes from your previous appointment.

Dental exams are an important part of your dental health. Exams allow Dr. King to have a continuous relationship with your mouth. With regular exams, Dr. King is able to note changes as they occur. He will look for warning signs including changes in your jaw alignment, teeth shifting and excessive decay. These are all things that can be stopped, adjusted and your teeth can be restored.

Dr. King wants to be aware of changes in your mouth and in order to have a good relationship with your teeth, we need to see you at least twice a year.

Your dental exam will include the following:

  •  a review of your medical history and medications
  •  a review your x-rays
  •  a review of your dental cleaning
  •  visual examination for any visible problems
  •  determination of decay present
  •  we will discuss any possible necessary restorations
  •  discuss indication of gum disease
  •  check for signs of alignment issues or teeth shifting
  •  check for for anything unusual including lumps, growths or sores

Dental exams are an important time between the doctor and the patient. Please come with any questions or concerns you have ready. Contact Wendell King, DMD, at our Salem, OR office
to schedule your dental exam today! 503-588-0061

Dr. King and his team consider treating our patients a special privilege. We value integrity. It is humbling to have the trust our patients place in us and we will always be true to that trust. Many years of combined experience helps us provide you with a comfortable all-around experience, including treatment, scheduling appointments and maximizing your dental benefits.
We strive for technical excellence.